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An Off the Cuff, unedited diatribe on the Burning Hammer, or Beyond Wrestling “Over-Nite Sensation” Reviewed

The last wrestling event that I reviewed was Beyond Wrestling “Hit & Run” which took place in….holy shit, January 2015!  Needless to say it’s been awhile.  That review was posted on October 15, 2015, which makes this a review 14 … Continue reading

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New Japan Cup 2015, Day 2 Reviewed

YOSHI-HASHI v. Jay White:  I’m not sure if this is a compliment to YOSHI-HASHI or not, but I genuinely thought he was going to lose this match.  Now that could mean that he did such a good job of selling … Continue reading

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NJPW “G1 Climax 24” the one I avoided writing because I don’t want it to be over

The Seibu Dome is huge and the entrance ramp is about ten thousand miles long.   The video screen behind the entrance ramp is awesome.   Did you love the G1 tournament and think it was a series of some … Continue reading

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It’s going to be a long journey, GHC Championship History (Disc 4)

When last we left my current obsession, the GHC Championship Kenta Kobashi had dethroned Mitsuharu Misawa in one of the greatest Pro Wrestling NOAH matches of all time (and arguably one of the greatest wrestling matches anywhere, of all time) … Continue reading

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The Akiyama era comes and goes, GHC Championship History (Disc 2)

If you recall from my first post on this subject I’m in the process of watching every GHC Heavyweight Championship match ever and writing a little narrative about the history of the belt. The first stage of the title’s history … Continue reading

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In the beginning, there was Misawa

Thanks to the great folk at IVP Video I’m going on a bit of an existential journey where I’ll be watching every single GHC Championship match since the inception of the Global Honored Crown title. This is going to take … Continue reading

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The Matches of the Mid Year

Believe (Bo-lieve?) it or not we’re already halfway through 2014 and 2015 is breathing down our necks. In an effort to keep my wrestling watching habit organized I’m going to break the year in half and post my Mid-Point Matches … Continue reading

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